Use of SIM card according to the majority of ID number in the phonebook

Another method of saving on phone charges that you can do is the use of SIM cards from the majority of providers found in the personal phonebook. In this case, it will be easier when someone uses a dual sim mobile model that is able to facilitate calls with several different numbers. Apart from that, you may also need to visit if you want to convert your mobile credit into money.

For example, when in the business world you work, 70% of colleagues use provider A while the remaining 30% using provider B, then one way of savings is to have a SIM card from both providers and register each number to the frugal package for the phone.

As you can expect, calling the numbers with the different cellular operator can be quite pricey, although they may have provided you with the lower than normal prices. It’s still quite troublesome if you’ve got a lot of colleagues or business partners and clients that must be called several times in a day. Therefore, choosing the mobile cellular operator which is being used by the majority of the people can be really helpful in saving your mobile credit.