The importance of warm-up and body position for driving range practice

As a golf player, you must understand that practicing on the driving range is as important as practice in the field. Likewise the importance of warming up before starting to practice at the driving range. Warm up by stretching your leg, back, shoulder and arm muscles a few minutes before removing the golf stick from the bag. In the meantime, don’t forget to visit if you want to find a nice golf course in Bangkok.

Relaxing the muscles of the body is very important to avoid injury when swinging. After stretching the muscles, do a few swing movements using iron sticks 9. This swing movement is also useful for stretching the muscles, especially the arms, back and waist muscles.

Apart from that, focus on the position of the body. The right way to drive golf is to focus on your body position when you do a punch with a stick iron 9. Focus on how to hold the stick, foot position, backswing and other movements. Don’t be in a hurry to make a continuous punch but forget about the technique and feel of the punch. It’s better to actually hit with a feeling like a real play on the field and every punch is valuable.