These Roof Types are Very Unique

For those of you who want to build a house or renovate the house would be better if you prepare everything very well and planned because renovating the house must have the fulfillment of materials and perfect concept. You will build a home for your family which means you will build a place to take shelter from weather, storms, places to sleep and share. You have to make sure that every component of your home has a solid foundation, one of which is the roof. Some rooftops may not be common to you, so you do not know what the roof looks like, how are the advantages and disadvantages of the roof when combined with the house you are going to occupy or renovate, the roofer will give you some idea of ??the roof that is for you which has unique tastes.

One is the roof of Gambrel, the roof of this type is not popular, but this roof has been famous since the colonial era and the second world war, this model roof is usually used to build a barn, although its development is currently used for home, gambrel roof is very unique because it has the upper form tends to ramp, while the bottom is very steep and almost vertical. The advantages of this roof you should know is almost the same as a saddle roof because the empty space under the roof can serve as an attic, bedroom or other room. Construction of this roof can be said to be simple because it only requires two beams or main that is supported by the connection of other roof structures. The shape of the roof of this gambrel often attracts the attention of people because its shape is not common at all.

Behind the excess of the roof of gambrel, it turns out there are drawbacks that this roof cannot be used in homes that have extreme weather or the majority of tropical weather and rainy season. Making the structure of the roof of gambrel cannot be done carelessly and must be careful, and waterproof. Gambrel roof requires regular maintenance to prevent leakage. The uniqueness of this gambrel roof does not make people see the lack of this type of roof, so whether you are also interested to use this roof as the roof of your house?