Improving the viewer actions on your vlog channel

Viewer actions like subscribing, liking, commenting, and sharing videos on social media. First, invite visitors to watch your content longer. Then have them perform an action after watching the content to signal the value of the content you create. Know how to write content to avoid Google penalties. Meanwhile, you can also check out the LED Ring light for your vlogs.

Most viewers do not take any action after watching the video. In order for your content to be spread organically, you need to get more viewers performing the action. Invite them to subscribe to your channels, like videos, comment on videos, or share links to social media. Here’s how you improve an action viewer:

Invite people to subscribe. Have them do this in your video. Or use annotations to do so.

Add a watermark to the “InVideo Programming” setting on the YouTube channel. This will add a nice layer to all your videos where people can subscribe.

Add a very clear channel trailer to the non-subscriber and encourage them to subscribe.

Provide incentives for visitors to subscribe. For example, “Subscribe for tips from me next week,” or “Do not miss the cool interview I’m going to do.”

Create links from your site. Embed your video in content. Create a call to action to subscribe to a YouTube channel on your site.

Invite comment. Ask questions to the audience and tell them to leave an answer in the comment. Use comment areas proactively to create communities. Response to visitor comments. Integrate the comment into the next video. Do a Q & A session.