Reduce Pollution From Home Vehicle Smoke With These Four Plants

Air pollution is increasingly increasing the number of people do a variety of ways so that pollution is not about them. This may be difficult because there are many vehicles that cause smoke and dust to fly in the air you breathe. So, many people who finally chose electric scooter singapore as a replacement vehicle so that no more smoke and dust that interfere with breathing. The electric vehicle is also considered a cheaper vehicle compared to the vehicle you normally use.

If you do not want any pollution coming into your house, then you can plant some of these plants.

1. Opuntia cactus
One type of cactus plant is enough to require sun intake so we can place it close to the window. Health experts say if this plant is able to absorb the content of ethyl-like benzene, acetone, toluene, benzene, orthoxylene, and also p-xylenes.

2. Bromelia
Plants are still a family with pineapple is usually has a bright color. This plant is known to be very effective in absorbing various VOC compounds, especially those that come from cigarette smoke and also vehicle exhaust emissions. If there are family members who smoke, then we can put this plant as a cleanser.

3. Lili Paris
This plant can absorb a variety of harmful compounds that many contained in paint, furniture, to materials like ink and also rubber called as ethylbenzene, p-xylenes, and also orthoxylene.

4. Jade
Many people refer to this plant as a money tree, a tree of fortune, to a tree of friendship. This plant is very good to be placed indoors because it is able to absorb harmful compounds from paint and also thinner.

Of the various types of plants that you can choose, the best way is to reduce the smoke of the vehicle itself. The way you can use is to use an electric scooter to reduce vehicle smoke and pollution in the air.