The solution for the lack of freon in your air conditioner

Freon deficiency is one of the most common AC problems. Therefore, you need to know how to handle this problem. Apart from that, you can visit to find a trusted air conditioner repair service near you.

The following is an explanation of the characteristics of AC Freon deficiencies and how to overcome them are:

the ac pipe does not feel cold, here you have to do is by holding both ac pipes on the outdoor, whether it is cold or just a small pipe that feels cold.

the ac pipe removing the ice flower is the most prominent thing, without having to hold it, we already know if the air conditioner pipe runs out ice, because this is the most common thing and many people know.

air conditioners do not feel cold and just release ordinary air causing the air in the room to become hot.

evaporator air conditioner agglomerates ice and leaks water because everything is covered in air conditioner so that on the body of the indoor ac there is condensation and results in water leakage
air gusts from inside the outdoor don’t release heat, because the compressor works abnormally.

The timer light indicator always blinks, because the air sensor on the indoor does not get cold temperatures so that the compressor does not work.

That’s how to know the characteristics of AC that are lacking in Freon, and what needs to be done so that Freon on AC can last for years, you have to do regular maintenance on a regular basis every 3 months.