Marketing communication is crucial for online businesses

Marketing communication is not just what the content of the information you provide to consumers related to your product or business, but also the effect is mainly seen from the frequency. Aside from that, you can go to if you need a marketing service for attracting the nearby customers.

Have you ever experienced registering on the website of a company or store to subscribe to email subscriptions containing the latest news about its products, but a few weeks later canceled the subscription because the email from the company came many times to make your email inbox fullness?

Or maybe you follow the profile page of an online store on Facebook, but then stop because you feel the store is giving too much update and never or rarely answer questions you ask directly on the online store profile page.

If yes, that means the company or shop does not do effective marketing communication, especially because the amount of information provided is too much while the communication aspect with the customer tends to be only one way.

Marketing communication or general marketing communication can be translated as an effort to introduce and convey the superiority of a product or service to potential customers so they are interested to buy it, which includes the use of advertising, sales promotion, press releases to direct selling methods.