Dealing with a child who likes to spend money

Take care of your child when he sees an ad. Television is one of the reasons why children whine about toys and ask you to buy them. To work around this, we recommend that you limit your child’s time to watch impressions on TV. However, this is not the only way to overcome it, because there are also ads that can educate children. Give understanding to the child, and discuss the good and bad of the product, so that children can choose well what he wants. Meanwhile, you can also check out the familymobile plan from Walmart.

Do not be affected by whining. When shopping with children is often a less enjoyable time because you have to spend more money to meet his wishes. Today, so many shops and restaurants sell packets of food and toys that can “flirt” children. This results in no more “safe” place for parents to avoid whining children. To fix this, create a schedule when you shop without children. When this method cannot be done, then you must cling to your promise to not meet the wishes outside the shopping list. Yes, even though the child is crying.

So that children are not accustomed to asking for snacks or toys, the key is to build a child’s habits to save money by not always buying new items when shopping. “It’s the most important thing to educate children early on in order not to get used to new things, since kids, I’ve never bought them unnecessary stuff, so at this point kids will get used to the way parents do not buy goods that he does not need, “says Juliet Schor, author of Born to Buy.

Teach your child to set priorities. Every family must have its own rules in finance. It’s important for your child to know how you manage your finances. This should be introduced since toddlers. When you’re in a store and she whines for a toy, instead of scolding her you better show me another item she can buy while explaining why it is worth buying. For example, buying a reading book. Explain also the importance of saving money for long-term goals.