Communicative, Flexible, and Dynamic Apartment

In this day and age, the presence of shelter residence seems to have become less and less frequent. Due to the small amount of land, you can live in and ultimately choose to live in a part of the building that has a vertical shape like the apartment provided by jadescape. Available in various types such as 3 bedroom deluxe, 1001-1044 sqft, 137 units or penthouse, 4198, consisting of 2 units you can have with the strategic location that will lead you to believe that life is easy in jadescape. Not to mention complimentary facilities such as close proximity to Marymount station or even Bishan and close to Thomson Plaza, this will make it easier for you to do activities in your day.

As for other factors that will make you comfortable to stay and stay in the apartment is the application of elements of new functional and spatial schemes, such as opening and unification of spaces used during the day and still be able to separate them if necessary, as well as the separation of night areas, such as rooms sleep so that it can offer more intimacy for each family member. It will be applied to life in jadescape¬†as a mirror of the owner’s family lifestyle that is flexible, communicative and dynamic.

Another application for this communicative and dynamic lifestyle is also achieved by uniting kitchen and office space into the living room like a rectangular two-volume intersection. In this application itself, there is a dining room placed right at the center of the intersection, making it a “hot spot” of the house. The spaces in the apartment blend in an interior impression the same. The presence of metal elements that are dark gray, contrast and cold become the highlights of the interior. In addition, this element divides several different areas and creates unique area points including entrance hall, kitchen area, glass doors and black lights above the living room. Although uniquely designed, these functional areas still have an identity for the needs of certain activities. You will be able to feel the sensation of staying with full comfort in the apartment we provide so you will not be able to resist the presence of a charm to stay and want to quickly get back to our apartment, jadescape.